Samsung Smart TV Remains On

If you’re experiencing problem turning off your Samsung Smart TV, don’t be troubled. This is a commonplace issue that may be resolved with some short and easy answers. Whether it is a software program glitch or a problem with the remote manage, there are clean steps you could take to get your TV lower back to its normal functioning.

In this submit, we will discover the common causes of the hassle and offer step-with the aid of-step steerage on the way to cope with it. Let’s dive in!

Possible Causes of Samsung Smart TV Turning On and Off

common causes of Samsung turning on and off
common causes of Samsung turning on and off

Several factors can cause the continuous powering on and off of your Samsung Smart TV. Some of the maximum common reasons consist of:

Electricity Surge A sudden electricity surge in your house can cause your TV to show on and stale intermittently.
Problems with the remote control In the event of a malfunctioning faraway manipulate, the TV can also fail to power on or off as intended.
Software Error Occasionally, a software program glitch can cause your TV toggling on and rancid.
Overheated To save you harm, a TV that is overheating can also automatically energy off.
Loose Connections Loose connections between the TV and other gadgets, like the cable container or satellite tv for pc receiver, can cause the TV to energy on and off intermittently.
Physical Damage Physical damage, along with a cracked screen or a malfunctioning energy button, also can be a motive for the TV to show on and off intermittently.
Power Supply Issues with the power supply might be the purpose behind the occasional powering on and rancid of the TV.

To decide the right course of action, it’s essential to pinpoint the foundation reason of the difficulty. If you’re unsure approximately what’s inflicting your TV to turn on and off, it’s really helpful to talk over with a consultant.

Check the Power Cord

check the power cord of your tv
check the power cord of your tv

If your Samsung Smart TV is again and again powering on and rancid, one of the initial elements to look at is the energy cable.

  • Unplug the TV: Disconnect all cables attached to the TV and unplug it from the wall outlet.
  • Inspect the Power Cable: Examine the electricity twine for any visible damage, consisting of frayed wires or a broken plug. If you pick out any problems, replace the broken electricity cable immediately.
  • Check the Wall Socket: Verify the functionality of the wall socket by way of plugging in a distinct tool, such as a light, to make certain it turns on.
  • Reconnect the TV: Reattach all cables to the TV and plug it lower back into the wall outlet.
  • Turn at the TV: Power at the TV and examine whether it stays on. If it remains on, the trouble changed into possibly with the electricity twine. If the difficulty persists, there can be a specific trouble with the TV.

After confirming the proper functioning of the energy cable, check out other capability assets of the problem if the TV maintains to turn on and rancid.

Check the Power Outlet

check the power outlet to make sure it’s functioning properly
check the power outlet to make sure it’s functioning properly

If, after inspecting the electricity cable, your Samsung Smart TV maintains to cycle on and rancid, continue to check the strength outlet.

  • Check the Power Outlet: Confirm that the strength outlet isn’t controlled via a timer or transfer. If it’s miles, ensure that the placing is configured to “ON.”
  • Verify for Loose Connections: Ensure that the connections in the strength outlet are company and steady. Tighten the connectors if needed.
  • Test with Another Device: Check if another gadget, like a light, functions by plugging it into the same socket. If it doesn’t power on, the issue likely lies with the power outlet rather than the TV.
  • Reconnect the TV: Reattach all cables that were originally connected to the TV to the wall outlet.

Power on the TV and have a look at if it remains on. If it remains on, it is possibly that the energy outlet become the difficulty. However, if the TV keeps to cycle on and off, there can be an inherent problem with the TV.

Once you have showed the proper functioning of the energy outlet, it’s time to discover extra capacity reasons for the problem.

Reset the Tv

If your Samsung Smart TV continues to power on and off even after examining the strength cable and outlet, the following route of action is to reset the TV.

  • Power down the TV: Utilize the faraway control or the TV’s power button to turn it off.
  • Unplug the TV: Disconnect any cables linked to the TV and unplug it from the wall outlet.
  • Wait for a brief period: Allow 5 to ten minutes to elapse before plugging the TV lower back in.
  • Reconnect the TV: Reattach any cables that were previously related to the TV to the wall outlet.

Power on the TV and look at if it stays on. If the TV efficiently turns on and stays on, it shows that the trouble turned into possibly a software fault, and restarting the TV resolved it.

If the problem persists notwithstanding restarting the TV, it is time to analyze opportunity ability reasons for the problem.

Check Remote Control

check the remote control of your tv and make sure it’s working properly
check the remote control of your tv and make sure it’s working properly

After resetting your Samsung Smart TV and finding it still powers on and off, the subsequent step is to examine the remote control. Follow those steps:

  • Check Batteries: Ensure the remote control’s batteries are modern-day and efficiently inserted by using analyzing them.
  • Remove Obstacles: Confirm there aren’t any barriers between the far off manage and the TV, and confirm that it may attain the TV from its modern-day placement.
  • Minimize Interference: Turn off different digital devices near the TV, together with a DVD participant or sound system, to test if they is probably inflicting interference with the faraway control.
  • Try an Alternate Remote: If available, use a special remote, along with the one that accompanies your cable or satellite container, to try turning on the TV. If the TV responds to the second one remote however not the unique one, the issue can be with the unique remote.
  • Factory Reset the Remote: If the far flung manipulate still malfunctions, recall acting a manufacturing unit reset. Refer to the user guide or are seeking guidance from Samsung help for precise instructions on resetting the far off, as the process can also range depending at the faraway version.

After ensuring the precise functioning of the far flung manipulate, preserve to analyze any extra capacity resources of the problem.

Allow the TV to cool down

As a protection degree, your Samsung Smart TV may cycle on and rancid if it will become overheated. To clear up this, power off the TV and unplug it from the energy socket for at least 30 minutes. This permits the TV to settle down and initiate a reset, addressing the problem.

Samsung Support

contact support if any of the solutions don’t work
contact support if any of the solutions don’t work

If you’ve got accompanied the aforementioned methods and your Samsung Smart TV persists in cycling on and rancid, it is able to be indicative of a hardware problem. In such cases, it’s beneficial to attain out to Samsung assist for added assistance. You can contact Samsung through the subsequent channels:

Online Support: For statistics and troubleshooting manuals unique in your TV, visit the Samsung internet site and navigate to the “Support” segment. Additionally, you could submit a help request at the internet site.

Support via the phone: Call Samsung’s customer support quantity to connect with a specialist. The appropriate customer service telephone variety depends in your area, so discuss with the Samsung website to find the precise one in your region.

Social media: For help and to talk with a representative, engage with Samsung on social media systems which includes Twitter or Facebook.

Live Chat: Utilize the stay chat characteristic available on diverse Samsung web sites for real-time conversation with a representative.

When accomplishing out to Samsung support, it’s advocated to have your TV’s version quantity and serial quantity handy, as they’ll be instrumental in identifying and resolving the problem.


The following list consists of regularly requested questions associated with the on/off switch on Samsung Smart TVs:

What should I do if my Samsung Smart TV keeps turning on and off?

If your Samsung Smart TV is experiencing repeated energy cycling, it’s recommended to investigate the power cable and outlet, perform a TV reset, and scrutinize the faraway control.

Why keeps turning on and off my Samsung Smart TV?

There are numerous reasons why your Samsung Smart TV might be biking on and stale, starting from troubles with the electricity cable, outlet, software insects, and far off control to capacity hardware issues inside the TV.

How can I repair the remote for my Samsung Smart TV?

To deal with troubles with your Samsung Smart TV faraway, bear in mind examining the batteries, making sure the precise distance, minimizing interference, trying a replacement far off, or appearing a factory reset.

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  • In summary, if your Samsung Smart TV is persistently biking on and stale, several troubleshooting steps can be taken, including analyzing the strength cable and outlet, appearing a TV reset, and assessing the far flung control.
  • If the difficulty persists in spite of those efforts, it can indicate a hardware hassle inside the TV.
  • In such times, contacting Samsung assist or looking for help from a certified professional is recommended.
  • Always adhere to the producer’s instructions and protection pointers while troubleshooting your TV.

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