Stephen Kalayjian Net Worth, Early Life, Income Sources

Stephen Kalayjian Net Worth

Stephen Kalayjian Net Worth: Stephen Kalayjian is the Chief Market Strategist. He has immense talent and experience in the trading area. Kalayjiyan earned his fame and money mainly from different types of activities. But he is most famous and renowned for being a stock trader.

Early Life Of Stephen Kalayjian

Kalayjiyan never intended to be a commercial agent. He says that he was not interested in this field. He attended university. Also He had an excellent academic background. However, we don’t know much about him as a student.

After school, Kalayjiyan tried to follow another path. He wanted to become a footballer. He tried, but it did not bring him luck. Kalayjiyan also tried his profession as a baseball player. But again, he failed.

Kalayjiyan’s father introduced his son to the world of commerce and found him a job. In 1983, Kalayjiyan began his career in the trading office at Comex in New York.

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Kalayjiyan has made enormous contributions to the trading industry. He is the co-founder of Ticker Tocker. This is a social media trading app. So many people use the app that it hugely impacts the economy.

The stock market is not a bed of roses. It is challenging and elusive. There are many opportunities to capitalize on, but you must know which path to choose and which to avoid. One has to work very hard to conquer this sector.

You have to be very patient to succeed. It is complicated to overcome all the risks, so you must know very carefully that no matter what happens, you must not lose hope. If you lose hope, it means you’re gone. You are of no use to anyone, not even to yourself.

Stephen Kalayjian’s Personal Life

Stephen Kalayjian is not an express person when it comes to sharing his personal life with the public.

We know that he is a married man, but details about his wife, how they met and whether the couple has children or not are still unknown.

Furthermore, we do not see any negative controversy about Kalayjian. It seems that Stephen is wholly focused on his career as a trader and is determined to achieve something big.

Stephen Kalayjian’s Career

After trying various things to survive, Stephen was frustrated about what to do next. But his father came to his rescue. Stephen was a quick learner and quickly learned the secrets of stock trading under his father’s guidance. His father also helped Stephen find a job.

In 1983, in New York, Stephen started his career as an American Stock Exchange agent at Comex. He then moved to the New York Stock Exchange in 1984 and served until 1989.

Stephen became so popular that from 1989 to 1991, he held positions at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Comex Divison of the New York Mercantile Exchange. From 1992 to 2004, Stephen traded almost two billion US stocks, including his capital, and established himself as a day trader.

In 2005, Stephen Kalayjian founded his own company, where he develops software that helps note trends, reversals, patterns and divergences in the markets for various asset classes and time frames. He also contributes to daily and monthly newsletters and hosts events on the US stock market, gold, crude oil, etc.

Stephen Kalayjian Net Worth, Early Life, Income Sources

Stephen and Joesph Murphy are the founders of the popular social media trading app Ticker Tocker. The app partnered with Eff Creative Group in 2016.

Ticker Tocker has become the number one and award-winning social marketplace for verified trading leaders, providing real-time trading ideas, predictive analysis, automated strategies, live broadcast channel advantages and many other services. The app is used by experienced and novice traders and substantially impacts the national economy.

For Stephen, the trading industry is not a bed of roses. It is a place full of difficulties. One must wait patiently. Of course, you cannot learn all the trading tips and tricks in one day; it will take a lot of time and energy. But if you put your mind to it, you will win one day.

How Stephen Made this Money?

Stephen Kalayjiyan is a successful person who has made an exciting career out of this business. There is a lot of information available about his net worth. Kalayjiyan has never been keen to disclose information about his net worth to the public.

Calculating how much money Kalayjiyan has is complicated as he is involved in a precarious business. He can make a million dollars in one second and lose twice before he closes his eyes.

But somehow, Kalayjiyan managed to reach the door of success. He did what had to be done. And what was that? The ability and courage to take risks. Because in a business like this, you must take risks to survive in the market. Risk is what can take you to the highest pillar of success. Where you can savor every moment of your victory, as they say, you are living the dream.

Stephen Kalayjian Net Worth And Salary

In an interview, Stephen Kalayjian was asked how he achieved success. He replied that he dared to take risks that most people are afraid to take. So, it is clear that all of Stephen’s income comes from taking the daily chances that the stock market offers. After all, it is confident that his annual income is close to $400,000.

Although Stephen has never spoken about his net worth to the media, somehow, we found it. Stephen Kalayjian Net Worth in 2022 is about $1 million.

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