Tavner Smith Net Worth: Biography, Age, Wife, Wiki

Tavner Smith Net Worth

Tavner Smith Net Worth: Pastor Tavner Smith of Chattanooga, Tennessee, has denied allegations that his church is on the verge of foreclosure less than a year after several staff members resigned over his alleged romance with a former church employee. Smith told Instagram users that the church closure rumors were ‘completely false.’

Tavner Smith Kiss Video

Volunteers visited Pastor Tavner Smith at his church. What his students saw was quite disturbing. He was wearing boxer shorts with a church employee and the woman was wearing a towel.

Smith immediately defended his actions by saying they were preparing hot chili but accidentally hit their clothes. This led to the situation.

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However, the volunteers said they were not stupid to believe the story and were genuinely shocked by their father’s behavior.

One of the volunteers later recounted that he always had an instinct that he was having an affair with one of the volunteers. His divorce and past relationships were also later revealed. The most shocking was a video of him kissing one of his employees, which went viral on the Internet.

A video of Pastor Tavner Smith’s alleged affair and kiss has rocked the Internet.

Tavner Smith is a pastor at the Venue Club in Chattanooga, Tennessee. When volunteers went to the church to surprise their beloved father, they saw something that shook the entire religious community.

Testimonies of the pastor’s inappropriate situation were followed by video footage and a chilling backstory that unfolded. This story has been the subject of discussion among netizens in recent times.

Tavner Smith Net Worth: Biography, Age, Wife, Wiki

Tavner Smith Age

Tavner Smith is about 45 years old and a few years younger. From 2000 to 2003, he was seen playing guitar in a group called the Christian Group. The pastor preached in churches and conferences by playing music for young people.

Who is Tavner Smith Wife?

Tavner Smith’s wife is Danielle Smith. However, the two separated in a legal divorce in December last year. In 2012, the pastor separated from his wife and children to establish his church. To justify his actions, he explained that he had received a command from God.

Tavner and his partner grew closer and when things got out of hand in January 2021, they announced their divorce. Shortly after, Smith denied separating from his wife, again blaming God for his actions.

They finally filed for divorce in May and officially separated in December 2021.

Danielle did not speak about their divorce or her husband’s alleged infidelity. She refrains from commenting on anything related to her ex-husband.

Tavner Smith Net Worth

Tavner Smith net worth is estimated at around $10 million. The church he built is worth about $4.9 million and, according to the worksheet, his monthly income from the church is only $16,666.

His ex-wife owns three houses worth $981,330 in Chattanooga. Similarly, they have an investment account of $20,000.

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