Christie Mac Campo Biography

Christie Mac Campo Biography: Christie MacCampo is a former American model who became famous after her marriage to Robert Joseph Camposecco, better known as Bobby Campo, a famous American actor. In 2009, he became famous for his role as Nick O’Bannon in the horror film The Final Destination. He’s currently working as a hairdresser. However, he is an active member of the organizational team at Cocre 8. It is a non-profit educational organization whose mission is to promote an understanding of the use of hair in crafts and art.

Christie Mac Campo Biography, Wiki

Country United States
Ethnicity Mixed
Eye Color Dark Brown
Full Name Christie Mac Campo
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Husband Bobby Campo
Nationality American
Profession Model
Status Married

Christie Mac Campo Net Worth

Christie MacCampo previously mentioned that she works as a model. Given his past career, he may have accumulated a huge amount of wealth. The report estimates his net wealth to be around $100,000. Christie works as a hairdresser and is able to live a decent life.

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According to statistics, the average salary of a hairdresser is about $26,090. On the other hand, Christie’s husband, Bobby Campo, is a successful actor with a net fortune of $20 million. Her acting career was quite rewarding, especially after playing a supernatural horror thriller, The Final Destination. The film had a production budget of $40 million and made $186.2 million at the box office.

Christie Mac Campo Age

While the exact date of birth of this celebrity couple is unknown, her husband was born on May 9, 1983. He may have been born in the United States, showed American ethnicity, and had dual citizenship. Her age is estimated to be about thirty years, compared to her husband’s age.

Christie Mac Campo, Husband

Christie Mac’s husband is Bobby Campo, an experienced actor known for his professional success. Born on March 9, 1983, in Wheeling, West Virginia, United States, Bobby earned remarkable recognition for his roles in the 2009 American supernatural horror film “The Final Destination,” in which he played Nick O’Bannon. She also played the role of Seth Branson in the US television series “Scream.”.

Christie Mac Campo

Christie Mac Campo Family

Christie and Bobby currently have no children together, but they expect their first child to arrive soon. Although they don’t have a human child, the couple shares their home with two other family members: a dog named Reagan and a cat named Remy.

Are Christie MacCampo and Bobby Campo still married?

Yeah, I did. The couple met after almost two years of meeting. Christie and Bobby swapped an oath on March 21, 2015, in front of their friends and family.

Christie Mac Campo’s Instagram

Christie MacCampo, the celebrity’s wife, does not maintain an official presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, which is quite rare for someone in the public eye. Although he was previously active on Instagram under the username @christiemaccampo, it seems he has taken a step back from social media today. It looks like Christie’s not so inclined to be active on social platforms today.

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