Mike Hostilo

Mike Hostilo Net Worth 2024: Mike Hostilo is an American accident and injury attorney serving the state of Georgia and surrounding areas. Mike Hostilo has offices in Augusta, Macon, Savannah, Columbus, Atlanta, and Beaufort! As of 2024, Mike Hostilo’s net worth is approximately $800,000.

Mike Hostilo has served as a nappist for almost three decades. He knows how to be a strong advocate for accident victims in the areas of car accidents, medicine, workers’ compensation, and as a medical advocate.

Mike Hostilo Early Life

Mike Hostilo was born in 1978 in the US state of Georgia. He is currently 45 years old. He inherited discipline and hard work from his father. His mother is originally from Japan. His father was originally from Savannah. At the same time, his mother is Japanese.

Mike’s father was born in Emanuel County. He grew up in Savannah, Georgia, and his father only left the state when he was in the army. His mother was born and raised in Japan. Mike is his parents’ only child.

Mikel’s family has lived in Georgia since he was a child. His father was born in Emanuel Country and moved to Savannah, where he grew up. His mother, of Japanese descent, moved to America in the turbulent 1960s.

Mike Hostilo Net Worth

Mikel’s parents faced many challenges. In 1960, there were many challenges and racism in America. When she married, she faced a number of problems, but the couple resolved them peacefully.


He graduated from the University of Georgia and went on to attend law school in Atlanta while working at various jobs, including newspaper delivery, construction, trucking, and security, to support himself.

Mike Hostilo Attorney Career

Mike joined the Georgia Bar in 1992, where he began working at the law firm of a friend of Mike’s father, a former marine. He became a partner in the firm in late 1995, and it was there that Mike earned the title of “fighter for his clients.”.

In 2006, Mike decided to limit his work to casualty insurance and has since managed successful offices in Atlanta, Macon, Pooler, Augusta, Columbus, and Savannah.

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In 2006, Mikel decided to deal exclusively with injury cases. He is facing a major disaster in his life. On January 16, 2006, he was held hostage in his office for 24 hours. He hears the sound of some people walking outside his office. He gets up and goes there. When he arrived, he saw Robert and Connie Bower with a tool in front of his assistant.

What Is Mike Hostilo Net worth in 2024, Mike Hostilo’s salary, and his income?

In 2024, Mike Hostilo net worth is estimated at $800,000. He has earned his net worth through his professional career as a lawyer; he has generated a lot of wealth.

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