Steve ST Andre Net Worth

Steve ST André Net Worth: Steve St. Andre, also known as Steve St. Andre, is a famous entrepreneur. In addition, Steve St. André is an American entrepreneur and a pioneering professional in the field of digital marketing. He has achieved a lot in his professional life. He provides profitable marketing solutions to more than 20 of the world’s most renowned companies in Europe and North America.

Steve St André Net Worth in 2024

According to public records, Steve St. Andre’s net worth is $1 million, while his liabilities are only $100,000, for a net worth of $900,000. This shows that Steve is in a much better financial position than someone with a negative net worth.

Steve ST André Early Life

Steve St Andre was born in the United States in October 1971. He is an American citizen. Steve St. André started his education at Mount Saint Charles Academy. In 2002, he enrolled in the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

He received his MBA in 2004. At Michigan State University, he earned a bachelor of arts and marketing degree. He started his career in field operations at Nissan North America at a young age. He was only there for one year.

Net Worth $6.7 Billion
Real Name: Steve St André
Date of birth: October 1971
Birthplace: United States
Nationality: America
Profession: Entrepreneur

Career Life

In 1997, Steve St. André started his professional career. He started his career as the business development director of In three years, he was appointed president and CEO of FordDirect. He stayed there for about eight years.

Shift Digital, a digital marketing company, was founded by him in 2008. He is currently the CEO of UWM Corp. Mel Tucker’s contract was extended for $95 million by Steve and Mat Ishbia, two great entrepreneurial minds.

He had a successful professional career. Steve St. André has achieved a lot in his life. In his professional career, Steve St. André has accumulated a lot of popularity and success.


Steve St Andre enrolled at the Mount Saint Charles Academy at the beginning of his training. In 2002 he enroled in the University of Michigan-Stephen M. Ross School of Business. From there he earned an MBA.

He earned an MBA in 2004. He also studied for a Bachelor of Arts and Marketing degree at Michigan State University. He initially worked in the Nissan North America operations field. However, he only worked for a year.

Steve St Andre Age

Steve St Andre is 51 years old, starting in 2023. More information about Steve St André’s age, height, weight and size will be updated soon.


In 1997, Steve St Andre started his career as a professional. At that time, he started working as Business Development Director at Three years later, he became president and CEO of FordDirect. He served there for almost eight years.

In 2008, he became the founder of a digital marketing company called “Shift Digital”. Currently he is the CEO of UWM Corp. There is no doubt that Steve and Mat Ishbia are the biggest leaders of the company.

They’ve signed a $95 million contract for Mel Tucker. Besides, they’re also students from the state of Michigan.

Steve ST Andre

Social Live

Steve St. André enjoys posting photos and videos on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. He always shares his activities on social media to engage his supporters. He is a celebrity and very well followed on social media. Steve St. André’s net worth is being calculated in 2021.

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At the dawn of the internet, Steve St. André was a pioneer in the development of online communities. He co-founded the first online dating site,, and founded the GeoCities site, which allowed users to create their home pages. St. André has retired from the tech industry, but his net worth still stands at $400 million.

Frequently Asked questions

Who is Steve St. André?

Steve St. André is a famous entrepreneur. He is an American digital marketing professional and pioneering entrepreneur.

How old is Steve St. André?

Steve St. André was born in 1971 and is 51 years old.

What is the Steve St. André net worth?

Steve St Andre’s Net Worth is $1 million, while his liabilities are only $100,000, for a net worth of $900,000

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